Miss USA 2008 Crystle Stewart Supports AmeriFace!
To the Members of AmeriFace:

You have made an incredible difference in so many lives with the educational and emotional support you’ve shared throughout the past 16 years.
I definitely stand in support of increased
education about craniofacial birth conditions
and acquired facial differences, and I join
with you to increase public awareness about
the importance of accepting people for who they
are and not judging them by their appearance.

I have learned throughout my five years of
pageantry that it is the inner spirit and character
that rise above all physical beauty.  As the journey continues, I will never lose sight of the challenge
ahead of me.  Just as your organization has done, I
vow to make a difference in the lives of others!!

Photo by Arthur Garcia for Select Studios
Used with permission.
Miss USA 2008 Crystle Stewart
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