Feeding and Nutritional Resources

The following resources can assist you in finding feeding alternatives for your infant, post-operative feeding devices and much more.  This is by no means a complete database of resources or vendors.   If you require information not found here, please contact us.  Submit links for additional resources to the webmaster.

Cleft Palate Nursers/Feeding Alternatives
Sippy Cups

The Controversial Issue of Breastfeeding Cleft-Affected Infants
For information contact Jacalyn Hudson Miller at j.h.m@telus.net

Mead Johnson Cleft Palate Nurser
Order on-line or call (800) 222-9123
Pricing as of September 2005 - $19.00/6 bottles, includes shipping
Case of 72 nursers - $144.00, includes shipping

Haberman Feeder (See other distributors below)
To order direct from Medela
Phone:  (800) 435-8316
(Approximately $22.50 per bottle)

Find a Local Medela Dealer (Haberman Feeders/Pumps)

Medela International Distributors (Outside USA)

Pigeon Cleft Palate Nurser
Parents recommend P915 nipple and A711 bottle
4350 Steeles Avenue East, Unit A13
Box 98 Markham, Ontario Canada L3R 9V4
To order, call (866) 886-3811 or (fax) 1-866-886-3812
Local : (905)-513-7265, Fax: (905)-513-7268

Playtex® VentAire Bottle
Available at your local store.  Parents report using this bottle with the Pigeon nipple.
Ask a parent at  FTFC!

Dr. Brown's Bottles
Parents report using this bottle with the Pigeon nipple
(Dr. Brown's Bottles are also now available at Walmart)
Handi-Craft Company
4433 Fyler Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri 63116
Phone:  1-800-778-9001

Children's Medical Ventures
Specialty feeding supplies, including Pigeon feeders
275 Longwater Drive
Norwell, MA  02061
Phone (888) 766-8443
Outside the USA (724) 387-4000

Ross Educational Services Department
Cleft palate nurser, Item #00875x
Parents reports using this bottle with Ross Preemie Nipple
Order direct from Ross, as this item is noted on their website.
Call toll-free (800) 986-8503 Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM, EST.  Price as of September 2005 is $1.75 per bottle, a minimum order of 3 bottles required.

Ross Preemie Nipple
Item # 54078
Order at www.rosstore.com or call (800) 258-7677 to place an order
Pricing as of January 2006 - $42.00/case of 48

Similac Orthodontic Nipples #54100
Order at www.rosstore.com or call Ross at 1-800- FORMULA (1-800-367-6852)
Pricing as of April 2006 - $52.00/case of 48 includes shipping

Soft-Sipp and Zip-N-Squeeze Post-Operative Feeders
Susan Beaudette, RN
PO Box 575
Yorba Linda, CA 92885-0575
Phone/Fax (714) 997-7146

Maternal Concepts
130 N. Public Street
Elmwood, Wisconsin 54740
Phone:  (800) 310-5817
Fax:  (715) 639-2739
SuckleCup and SuppleMate offer post-op feeding options

Self Expressions
Haberman Feeders and Parts
1 Sherwood Dr
Shalimar, FL, 32579
Phone:  Toll Free (877) 463-3352
From Northwest Florida, call (850) 651-4500

Mothering From The Heart
Stocks the Haberman Feeder
Phone:  (256) 528-7953

Mothering With Ease
Stocks Haberman Feeders as well as supplemental nursing systems (SNS)
18 Merrick Drive
Spring Valley, NY 10977
Phone:  (845) 356-9887

Smiles All Around
Munchkin Healthflow Tri-Flow Bottle/Nipple System
25030 Ave Tibbitts, Unit J
Valencia, CA 91355
Phone:  (661) 492-2455
Fax:  (661) 775-0302

Enfamil Human Milk FortifierRead our disclaimer
Order on-line or call (800) 222-9123
Pricing as of September 2005 - $110.00/100 packets

Similac Human Milk FortifierRead our disclaimer
Order at www.rosstore.com or call (800) 258-7677 to place an order
Pricing as of January 2006 - $42.00/case of 48

ScandicalRead our disclaimer
Taste-free calorie booster; consult your physician.
Axcan Pharma Inc. - United States
22 Inverness Center Parkway
Birmingham, AL 35242 USA
Phone: (205) 991-8085
Fax: (205) 991-8176

Thick-It®Read our disclaimer
Instant food thickener; consult your physician.
Great Lakes Regional Sales Manager
Phone: (614) 792-8033
Fax: (614) 792-7733

State WIC Programs
Check our state pages for links to your county office
WIC provides supplemental foods (including formula) and nutrition education

La Leche League
Information on breastfeeding infants with clefts

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Making a world of difference in a world of facial differences...
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